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MrSamCraft's Server is a friendly survival based server that has opened up today! We like to keep our server much like vanilla we don't have to much plugin's we have the odd few for server needs, our server is much like single player but you can play with your mates! and other players from around the world! All you do is mark out your land by digging a border to mark it and stick a sign on there to say that it is your land! The reason we have set our server white listed is to get to you know you more, this will also stop griefer's logging on & destroying your hard work, But even if we did accept one we can always roll back that player with a plugin called Log-block and see who broke a block or placed and who opened you chest and your door.

Zero Griefing
We do not tolerate stealing or griefing, we try to keep our server clean for the people who enjoy playing on it. If you find a place that has been griefed, it will immediately be rolled back to it's original state. No matter what the griefer uses, we can roll it back for you and ban the user. We have Locket, which is a protection plugin where you can privately protect things such as chests, doors, furnaces and more so only you can access and use them.

Our Goal
We want to give our NEW and current players a great place to play worry free of someone messing with their things. Many people go offline for the night having to worry about their buildings of chests being stolen from, here, you won't have to worry! One of our staff will help you almost all day and night with any problems you might have.

Users can donate for Gold names and will be able to gain items and blocks and get money added to your players account. When you donate It helps us keep the server ONLINE and can also help us to upgrade the server, we like to keep our players in a good mood and to have loads of fun on our server. The server costs monthly, so monthly donations are greatly appreciated. Donors gain my personal respect and you are rewarded.
Donations are one-time, but the perks are permanent on your account!


  • Do not break past locked doors, if it's locked, stay out! It's locked for a reason...
  • Do not build near spawn or directly on the main roads expanding in each direction.
  • Do not grief or steal, this will result in an instant account ban.
  • Do not build large minecart track railways above ground, they will be destroyed. Make tunnels underground or use our server station.
  • 3rd party programs or mods used to exploit or cheat the server will result in a permanent ban. Such as X-Ray, Speedhacking, or Fly hacking.
  • Do not build 1x1 towers in the sky; If you make one, remove it please!
  • Be nice to other players, don't curse at people! This is respect!! :-)

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