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Knife-Down Gaming Minecraft

Knife-Down Gaming Minecraft


Welcome to the Last server you'll have to join! We have a Hub, Apocalypse Map, PVP, PVE, Hardcore, Skyblock, and more!

Hub: Spawn world/shops for PVE, PVP, and Hardcore /Hub in-game
PVP: Player vs. Player /PVP in-game
Factions: Cruel factioned world where players fight over unclaimed land.
PVE: Player vs. Environment /PVE in-game
Plots: Private player plots to build on /Plots in-game
Skyblock: Island in the Sky /Skyblock in-game [/Skyshop for shop]
Apocalypse: Torn world scorched by humanity, fight to survive.
Maze: Infinite World consisting of mazes. How long can you stand the maze?
Hardcore: Non-Ban Hard game-mode /Hardcore in-game

Mr. TMS - Server Manager
lilshrek - Assistant Server Manager
kallistratis - Administrator
MrBlueSL - Administrator

Structured and Mature Staff
Multiple worlds and game-types
Fair server-shop prices
Part of a great gaming community :
Beautiful world landscapes server-wide
Private and protected player plots
Custom plugins and commands

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