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Origin is the most Original Factions PvP server in the world! We are one of the newer servers too, as we had initially started in the beginning of 2016.

Our server has been optimized to work especially well for clean cut pvp, keeping it as close as it gets to Vanilla with good performance. You will not find any lag-backs rubber banding here, and for the most part - hit detection tends to be dead on!

Factions wouldn’t be Factions without the epic bases and raiding though, so this is why Original has come equipped with these awesome features:

  • Tons of cannoning / raiding patches that are essential to Factions servers
  • 100 Glitch proof, there is no need here to bother with annoying glitchers that just want to ruin your base in an instant
  • Obsidian destroyer, there are no impenetrable blocks to make your bases out of here!

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