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[ Frenz 1.6.4 ] Deluxe Survival - PvP Optional -


[ Frenz 1.6.4 ]

Deluxe Survival - PvP Optional - On-Going Development - Great Community - Guilds & Abilities & Ranks - Endless Possibilities

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Hello everyone! My name is Mackenzie (IGN: Kirbyarm), and I am the Owner/Programmer of a fairly new, under-staffed server. I have come here, looking for great people to enjoy playing with in a fashion that stays true and faithful to vanilla (the oiriginal) game of Minecraft! We greatly enhance upon it with exclusive development, regular content updates and excellent features extending the already amazing game that Team Mojang has made for us!

Frenz is a Deluxe Survival server with a steadily growing community. We were under development for over a year before being released to the public (including builds and programming). A true survival server where game balance, honor, and integrity are highly valued. It is intended for a more mature base of players, but anyone is welcome to come play and have fun. Our number one goal is to provide player happiness. The learning curve may seem large at first, but it's really easy once you get to know it and magnificently enjoyable the more effort you put into it, as any survival server should be!

Getting Deeper

We have a broad selection of unique and optional skills such as Mining and Smithing, with lots of new materials such as Steel, Silver, Platinum, Mythril, Cobalt, Adamantium, and Skyrite. All fully minable ores/smelted ingots/smithable into ALL types of equipment (including new items) such as armor, weapons (even bows), and tools. You can even find high-valued gems like rubies, sapphires and pink diamonds! Best of all it doesn't require any crafting window management, in smooth animated processes with nice sounds and visuals. All of these types of materials have a progressively better result when Frenz-Smithed, MUCH greater than Mojang crafted items statistically (damage/protection/durability etc). Improving your skills leads to great rewards and pays off nicely in your economical and combatitive gaming, however it is you like to play your Minecraft! There's bound to be something for you to specialize in!

The main world you start in allows flight and prevents PvP, similarly to the nether, only the nether allows hostile mobs to spawn naturally. There is another world called oblivion (fully explorable and playable like the main world and the nether), where PvP is fully enabled, flight is disabled, and there are not only naturally spawning hostile mobs, but special mob spawn encounters of virtually any type of mob that spawn near you based on your main character level, stats and location. The world itself can seem extremely dangerous for the unprepared. This is intentional. You're meant to gear up, have good items for healing, and if you survive and thrive in that world, the rewards are tremendous! Virtually double everything in terms of drop rates, events, EXP gain and a whole bunch of other goodies. There is a /duel system and PvP arena for the truly competitive with leaderboards for not just PvP Reputation, but all of your statistics and skills, available by simple commands.

There are four Guilds you can join. Artisan's, Heroes', Thieves', and Mage's. You can specialize in one or join / progress through all four of them if you so wish it (the SP becomes very limited if you spread out as a hybrid in multiple guilds, but there are ways to farm SP, it just takes effort). Each Guild has a set of special abilities you can activate by either a command or a special stone called Materia. There are over 50 awesome abilities that enhance your gameplay, such as [Blacksmith], [Mining], [Grow], [Gravity], [Pyromantics], [Speed], [Vigor], [Valor] and many more. The higher rank you are in each Guild, the more powerful all of that Guild's governed abilties become!

A Few More Random Features

There are five Server Ranks all players can earn, including the starting rank, Citizen. You do not lose your items when you die, unless you have a Killer Tag which is earned by engaging in PvP outside of duels. There are upgradable Satchels (expands inventory like an Ender Chest, only you don't need to place it), Quivers, Grenades and an advanced optional fishing system, tournaments, events, dragon bosses.. just about anything you wished for in the original game, is there for your enjoyment! If it is not, you may suggest it on our website and if enough people like the idea of the change/addition, there becomes a high chance that I will program it in for us all to enjoy!

Still want more features? Click here for the Official Frenz Guide!

Optional Client Mods and Official Resource Pack

We have our own custom 32x (vanilla double resolution - Faithful + custom modifications and a few awesome sounds) Resource Pack always up to date and available on our website. We also have up to date approved client Mods in a handy ModdedJAR file for easy installation of only the best with included instructions.

Staff Inquiries

So you are aware: No one on the server receives OP (Server Operator), not even Administrators. As for the staff we are looking to fill, there are 7 openings in both Moderator and Administrator positions. I will not lie, it is much more fun to play the server than it is to staff the server under me, as I expect work to be done and will not tolerate abuse of powers. If you come online asking for a Staff position, you will only prove that your listening skills are not good.There is no application! Potential staff need to prove themselves active, helpful, and honorable by demonstrating how they will spend their time on the server and earn their position of Staff on our lovely little server. ^.^ Skype is required as is daily activity on the server for longer than just a few minutes' visit for those interested in being a part of the Staff team.


The server dies down at nighttime with very few players, but during our peak hours we usually have a very active and healthy 20 - 25 people online, and even more for longer hours on weekends. We're looking to increase this with your help! If you have any questions about the positions or server, please don't hesitate to ask in this topic or send me a private message. Hope to see you there, please come check us out at least! If you say you came from this website to me in-game, I'll smith you some good armor free of charge! Posted Image

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