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You might be wondering what is like to join the perfect server? Well it is like having heaven in your hands. Dragons' Doom has been up for about 3 months making everything so perfect that if their is something wrong we will immediately TAKE action to fix the problem! Our staff is helpful and supportive that they will help out with any problem as long as it is within reason. Dragons' Doom has various creations from PVP to a MOB-ARENA. Our server is 24/7 wishing that people all around the world would play on our server. Dragons' Doom is so unique because it has a voting system, shops, factions, PVP,shops, mob-arenas, xp farms for those who are donators, and much more!

Their is a unique variety of players each day but sadly not enough! People always ask why our server is not big and full of people.. Well because we were still fixing the issues and bugs the server encountered. NOW our server is LAG FREE. YES LAG FREE! Isn't that incredible. Only the best for the best.

create a faction, survive, kill or be killed, make allies, make enemies. Take in captives, torture them and let them know that you are going to be the most feared faction that their will ever be. Raid, kill, Grief, but I warn you be careful out their one moment you could be making your home and the next you could be fighting for your life even though you know you will die you will try and come out victorious! Welcome to the fight for survival comrade you will be pushed, stabbed, and even killed... Help yourself and those around you make a run for it survive and free everyone from the terror that is rising.

NOTE: staff is great, LAG-FREE server, awesome owner (mussonking),
YouTube accounts for server: GamerResponse

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