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[LARCENCRAFT] is a PVP RAID Server with Towny, Iconomy, MCMMO, SkyBlock/SkyGrid CustomEnchantments, XP Item Storage, ScoreBoard, CombatTag, and many more exciting plugins. Because LarcenCraft is new, it may undergo changes and development and we are open to suggestions for plugins and themes for the server, so we welcome you and your ideas with open arms! Our staff are very mature and easy-going to make the experience better. We do not require you to vote or donate to receive advantages. Donating is entirely your choice if you like and want to support the server. we just want you to have fun and develop a community.
Additional Notes

Towny: Claim land to settle your self in to the map and battle between towns (Chest protection is taken off so raiding can occur. put blocks over chests to save your items from looting)
PvP/Raid: This means that other players can kill you and they can claim the spoils of that kill. raiding is also allowed and chests will be unprotected in towns, so puttin blocks over them will save your items from theft
McMMO: Mcmmo is an RPG plugin for gaining skills in certain things like: Mining, Swords, Acrobatics etc.
SkyBlock: SkyBlock is a survival island that you can PVP and RAID other towns islands and build a sky fortress.
SkyGrid: SkyGrid is a intricately designed grid that you have to try to survive on based on the blocks available (Randomly scattered)
Custom Enchantments: When you're enchanting, you have a chance to get a "Rune" which adds special enchantments to your weapon such as: Block, LifeSteal, Frozen. Or Armor: ObsidianSheilding, Glowing, Enlightened. as well as Bows and certain Items!
Auctioneer: Create auctions with other online players to gain exrtra money and to sell things that aren't in the shop.

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