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Sketti Craft is a 2 person owned server, the server is orginally made for strictly freebuild NON-GRIEF NON-PVP survival, as well as economy based. Many of our plugins are based for survival, adding special fun features to survival, adding Jobs so you can have a job, have the ability to buy a mall plot at our server mall to sell your loots to other players. Sketti Craft has a small but very nice community, our staff are carefully picked and chosen, so they're won't be staff abusing their powers here! So come on and join the rest of us!


Guest: Basically your default class when you join, you're limited to the things you can do, but you can build and claim a plot in creative, and play mini-games, rank up to member to enjoy other commands!

Member: Member is the rank you acheive after guest by playing (1 hour total), it will autorank you to this class when it's been exactly one hour, you will get more commands I.E: /tpa /back etc. Basic but very useful commands, you'll also receive member kits & more sethomes

AdvMember: AdvMember rank is avheived by 2 ways, either play 25 hours OR &75,000 in-game cash, The AdvMember has 5 sethomes, 5 creative plots, /hat command & faster McMMP Leveling!

ProMember: ProMember is one of the best ranks, acheived by either playing 150 hours gameplay OR $200,000 in-game cash, ProMember has 7 sethomes & 7 creative plots, /fix /backpack /feed as well as amazing McMMO leveling increase and of course a ProMember kit!

Builder: Builder is a rare rank in Sketti Craft, Builder gets ProMember perks right away, as well as the cool prefix, to acheive this rank, you need to win our bi-weekly building contets hosted by our Architect (Xenophyr), If you win first place, you'll get rewarded with this rank, Builder rank helps the Architect build amazing things, Survival game maps, to new spawn areas.

MVP: MVP Is a voting conest rank, you win voting contest you get /fly /ascend /descend /heal /exp /ptime /workbench, colored name, $150,000 in-game cash, and of course OverPowered VIP Kit, also Super fast McMMO leveling (VIP is monthly)

Mod: Moderator is acheived only by getting chosen (DONT ASK FOR IT). You get basic commands, /fly /kick /mute /broadcast, colored text and colored name.

Admin: Same as moderator, you get chosen. You get alot more higher up commands, /ban /jail /ignoreclaims, & creative mode. Basic Admin commands.

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