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Rule the world with your very own mind as you grow with unbelievable experiences!
Server Gameplay:

  • Custom Spawn

  • Tree Assist

  • Unique Economy

  • PvE or PvP

  • A Voting System That Allows Access to Reward Crates. Who knows what you might win? Ranks, Diamonds, Dirt....... Try your Luck!!

  • A Dedicated PvP Arena. Where commands do not work. This includes staff!!

What We Offer:

  • A Unique spawn
  • A friendly community and staff
  • Fare game environment where staff are equal to players. (No Game-mode or give commands)
    And most importantly a stable environment to play.
  • We also offer a SkyBlock World on its own lag free dedicated server!

Visit our website

These are only several of dozens of features on AusArrow!. We optimize our gameplay to the full extent, and keep our players in mind. We prefer performance and experience over players

We'd absolutely love for you to hop on and try our server. We welcome each and every player, and definitely encourage all players to participate within the community on our forums as well. See you around!

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