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CreativeElements Network | The Perfect Minecraft E


Welcome to CreativeElements! CreativeElements is a great server dedicated to the main aspects of minecraft, mainy architecture! Don't forget to vote for the server to support and keep the server alive! The server is up! Join today to profit! We need you, more players means more the awesomeness! Here is a few of the things on the server:


Factions - Everyone loves factions! Claim land and conquer other factions! Protect your base and build your empire!
GoldPanning - Now you can pan for gold in riverbeds!
XPJar - Tired of having XP and being killed? Now you can store your XP in a jar!
Flightpack - Jetpacks for minecraft! Each has a custom fuel which is usually the reagent used to make it!
DisguiseCraft - Disguise as any mob in minecraft!
Healthbar - See other players health and have them see yours! Great for PVP!
RandomPlacer - Teleport to a random location on the survival/faction world to get land! Great for getting a place to build!
SmokeTrail - With the help of an admin, you can now have custom player trails! Have sparks and many other things travel behind you!
Plotme - Get a plot and build in creative! Perfect for the build-a-holics!
Worldedit - Premier minecraft in-game world editor
Ranks - Custom server ranks that can be bought with in-game money! Type /warp ranks in the server to get started!


Battlenight - Like PVP, you can battle other players to the death but in Battlenight, you have classes to choose from!
PVP - Battle other players to the death in this awesome minigame!
Spleef - Dig snow under players to have them fall into lava! One of the most popular minigames in minecraft!
Mobarena - Battle endless waves of mobs in an awesome arena! Determine who is the best mob-fighter!
2048 - An addicting puzzle game that requires you to match numbers to get the tile2048! Based on the popular online game! Type /2048 to play!
Blingjeweled - A plugin created by Sethbling! Right click an emerald to play BeJeweled in minecraft!

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