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Main Spawn Building
2 of our Paintball Arenas !
One of the shops
Skylands ! ( NOT skyblock ! lol )
Craftbook bridges in treehouses !

Long time player, long time staff member on other servers, Now was the time ....

The BobbenBook has been launched !!

Featuring a plethora of great plugins, "the Book" shall take you on creation adventures like nowhere else !

List of plugins .....

  • Craftbook
  • Factions
  • Skylands
  • BattleArena with Spleef, Paintball and CTF !!
  • Essentials
  • Multiverse2
  • mcMMO
  • PlayerHeads
  • KillerMoney
  • Votifier and VoteForDiamonds !!!
  • Shops and awesome economy system ( access to /sell command !!! )

.... and many more !!

As an owner, I have to commit to having a server where players can feel at home, and can also have fun. That's why i chose the set of plugins I'm using. It's a chemistry of useful, fun and interactive plugins that makes your visit ( or stay ) on our server a great time.

Imagine ... living on a floating island, with a killer view of all the other islands surrounding you, using retractable bridges to go from your house to your farms, and elevator signs to travel up and down thru floors of mansion size house build in 512 block build height, teleporter signs to travel from the house to a close by mob grinder .... Decorating your house with all your claimed heads, buy in our shops and sell blocks and items thru "/sell hand" command, get paid on mob and animal kills, gang up and build empires protected from any problems .... Taking part in wars between you, your friends and the rest of the world in closed environment, winning prizes, fame, and bragging rights !


Welcome to The BobbenBook !! ( or "The Book" for short )

Welcome to freedom ... Welcome to creativity ... Welcome to friendship ... Welcome to ... the greatest place to play Minecraft !


1) Griefing is allowed only in the south part of the main world, and nowhere else.
2) PVP and raiding are not permitted besides in the south part of the main world.
3) Spamming and advertising are not allowed
4) No spawn killing
5) Respect everyone, players and staff alike
6) Hacks and mods are not allowed
7) Do not ask the staff for spawned items or blocks
8) Do not use inapropriate language. This server is "all ages" and kids friendly
9) Unclaiming faction land is not allowedbesides in the south part of the main world.
10) Do not ask for a rank or to be staff. WE'LL ASK YOU ...
11) And finally .... HAVE FUN !!! ( that's an order lol )

Come try us out. We're a warm and friendly bunch :D

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