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Minefleet Omega is a multi world server. Each world is specified for each gamemode and some for minigames. Such as a main world for survival and a world for creative, a world for skyblock, survival games and much more! In our Creative worlds we have plots for you to build something in and no one can interfere with what you make. Our survival world has a magnificant spawn and other great things. You can play with your friends and make a faction.

This server runs Bukkit with multiple plugins such as factions,bleeding mobs ( Bleeding Mobs is a plugin that allows players and mobs to bleed, they drop blood which is wool and redstone, They may also drop bones. You can not pick up these objects though, due to it being an interesting thing to see only. We have mcMMO,Private chests and doors ect, Essentials and lots of other interesting plugins, We also do have plugins that can help you but staff can only use, such as group manager, Caps Block and Stargate.

We also have other interseting things on server such as mob arena or spleef arena and some others for you to use. You may want to fight against each other or you might want to team up and fight some mobs.

We have some staff that keep watch over our server and make sure everything is running smoothly which means you are getting the best benefit from us! If you ever need anything from us you can just ask and we will come to you as soon as we can. We have slowly grown a fantastic community of lots of diffrent people! When you join you will be warmly welcomed and accepted! ....

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