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Pro Star Planet

Pro Star Planet


Factions, R.E.B.A., Gliders, Survival, Age 16+, RANKS based on time played, Full Casino with Slots and Blackjack. Custom Items.
Connect to ip=> for the server and our website is at
Connect to our server with ip
LUCKY BLOCKS that Random spawn while mining.
We may be Survival but we have the A.I. Reba to help you in game giving you free items.

Reba was developed by CalebCintary, Owner of Pro Star Planets Minecraft and Website.

Plugins installed on server: Factions, rpgitems, sewers, sign casino, tabapi, mccmmo, toggle inventory, tree assist, vault, iconomy, citizens, pex, op talk, natural horses, better horses, player heads, lottery, mineral manager, mineral vein, frame protect, geo ip, headshoots, health bar, item raincore protect, creeper heal, creeper pet, dynmap, enchanter, eslapper, essentialsbuycraft, bleedmobs, commandsigns, capsblock, and many more.

Well over 100 plugins with No-Lag I7 16 Gigs Ram and Dual T-1 lines.

We own our hosting service as well as the servers.
Pro Star Planet
Check out our Website at

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