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Faction Warfare

We keep PVP fair and competitive for all, our donor ranks have lot's of cool stuff although you won't find any "pvp ready kits" that bring an unfair advantage for those with deeper pockets. (we're not a pay to win server!)

One of our main goals is to provide you with non-stop pvp and give you tools to keep you from not having to worry so much about tedious things like building your base over and over again. Most blocks in our world repair themselves after 30 minutes from explosions, this keeps your bases lasting longer so you can do more of what you love, PVP!

Player driven economy (our market has an extremely limited amount of seeded items, just a few of the main building blocks) players can buy and sell to each other 24/7 without being online through an in game GUI. (you don't have to rent any stalls to sell items)Our gold currency is based on actual lootable currency that can be used in our market and traded with players through an actual player to player GUI trade window.

Our game world is 100% custom designed by me with Photoshop using a terrain generating system that generates the map based on the Photoshop image.

We also offer McMMO, an RPG leveling system fully customized to prevent players from being to over powered like most servers.

A custom feature unique to our server is our House Deed claiming system, if you're lucky enough to get a House Deed you'll be able to attempt (that's right, attempt- this is hardcore, remember?) to claim a house plot. However, house deed's can be looted, so make sure you bring some back up before you try and claim a plot. Having a house plot gives you a small parcel of protected land to place 1 protected chest among a few other perks that you'll just have to come find out for yourself to see what they are!

TnT is disabled, however Creeper eggs are available for purchase for raiding faction bases, nothing say's extreme more than risking your own self trying to make a Creeper explode!

Capture faction control points and gain rewards for your factions, non stop fun and exciting pvp!

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