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Franklin prison is a non op prison server where you start out in C block and go through b, and a, before gaining your freedom. There are paths you can can be a good prisoner and gain your freedom, or you can be a bad prisoner and try to cause trouble, but remember the path of guard the guards can make it so you get jailed for having sword, or pvp you if you are pvping other prisoners. There is also the path of mod where you can earn rights like banning, however you must be free rank to apply for this. Come on to and give us a try today..we will be waiting!

C-Blocker You have just been convicted of a crime, whatever that crime was, you can ask a warden if you please. You need to gain 15k to rankup to B blocker jobs include The tree farm, and the cobblestone mine. Although the cobblestone has been changed to pumpkin through halloween. You however need to always watch your back as you may be killed by the rioters. However the guards will do their best to protect you!

B-Blocker You need 45k to rankup to A-blocker You have proved to be a good prisoner and have been allowed to enter B block using /rankup. You have now gained the right to a netherrack mine where you can now mine diamonds!

A-Blocker You are almost to free! You have now really proven yourself. A bock is the safest block! You now have access to the endstone mine which has a bunch of different ores in it. You only need 100k to rankup to free!

Free You have proven yourself worthy to become free, you may now enjoy survival, and in the future clans! Remember prison rules still apply when prison, and you may be jailed!

Guard: Congratulations you have been chosen to be on the guard team by your application on our website, you may now guard the prisoners, with going on duty. However do not abuse your powers as you may get demoted.

Head Guard is who choses the guards you have proven to show what is needed to be head guard. You may now accept guards on the forums, however an admin or owner may overide if we believe the player has been a problem.

Moderator Seperate from the guard rank, moderators moderate the chat. Mod's can still be jailed, and have the same rights of those of a free, but have access to /ban, and /mute, they also have access to /kick and /tempban.

Admin is for those who we believe have really dedicated their time to the server. You may not apply directly for admin, as this is a prestigous position. Those asking for admin or op, will be muted for 10 minutes each time. If enough offenses happen a ban will occur.

Owner, is set for the two owners of the server gkide, and coolbreese. These are the people who run the server.

Prison rules are:
No swords, harming potions, or bows.
No fisting people guards may kill
No safezoning

These rules are jailable

Now for the bannable rules:
No advertising
No spamming (this is a perm mute)
No xray
No Hacking
Trust me we know about these do not try it.

Guard Application:

How long have you played: (minimum of 3 days)
Have you read rules:
Do you have experience with non-op prisons:
What is your time zone:
Why are you the best choice for guard (1-5 paragraphs)
Do you understand asking for application check means auto denied:
What is your current rank:

Ban Appeal: Please be honest here

What was your rank when banned:
Reason you were banned:
Who that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know)
Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone)
Why you deserve to be unbanned:
Any additional information:

Moderator applications will open soon! Come on now!

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