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In our server the creativity you have has a place to be free. You have the choice to be a team player or a lone wolf. With our hub of assorted mini games the word boredom does not exist. The ideas you have can be brought to life in our plot world along with our creative map. The more you donate to us the better experience you receive. With the number plots you can own, kits you can use, or even beta testing a new plugin. With your help with donations we can make this server and it's plugins come to life we have a donation goal within the first month of $50 so we can officially open the server and all of the plugins it has to offer. With your help we can make this server one of the greatest place for mine craft players with our friendly staff we have hand picked and talked to with questions we believe are very valid things we come across as players of other servers. One of these Questions is how would you deal with a player who has refused to stop spamming in chat, we often see people do this in some of our favorite server and staff does nothing about it. Our server is currently lacking admins and moderators the application for this is in this page post your application in the comments for a chance. There are however a few requirements for an application that will be listed after this message and on the application form.
Must be age of 14 or older
Must have Skype
Must have experience being staff
You must have never been banned
if so tell us why:
MInecraft Username:
Skype name:
Reason Why you want to become admin:
Anything else you want us to know:

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