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Bliss Reborn

Bliss Reborn - Factions/Economy/Roleplay/Survival!


Bliss Reborn is a story driven Factions server where people aim to build their stats (via MCMMO) and legend from being an Outsider to the King of the server. Ranks on the server are earned via reaching pre-determined power levels (MCMMO), encouraging the development of your RPG experience, immersion and specialization in your faction!

Contains an in development lore based story based in a destructive, withered world where players can fight unique mobs and discover hidden loot. The server is full of quest lines, dungeons, and hidden lore to add new goals and focus to always keep you entertained, though much of this is currently in-dev. As well, we also have the Factions plugin installed, to add a sense of apocalyptic mayhem to the mix. The first player to defeat the Ultimate Wither and become King will get a one-of-a-kind crown. Afterward, to obtain the title of King, another player must defeat the Ultimate Wither, as well as the King himself. Players within the faction that the King belongs to will also obtain rewards when the player becomes King.

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