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Spawn is a survival island server. Players join and explore off in search of there own island. There are over 100 custom islands i have made my self, they can be found all over the world. If you find an island you can inhabit the island, If someone already lives there you can take over "if your able to" hence the name Warfare. Beneath all of the amazing islands are custom made caves,caverns, and mine shafts as well as some hidden stuff. The currency for this amazing server is gold, There is no gold ores that can be found anywhere in the world, But you can trade villagers for gold with custom villager trading. In some parts of this server we are going to add quests, a npc will give you a task, If you complete the task you will be rewarded if you don't well then you get nothing. We are also adding island themed music all over the server. The server is only about 2 days old so if you come across any problems just notify a server admin mod or my self Zombieattack212

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