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Pl3xcraft is a privately owned and operated Bukkit server originally designed to keep a developer’s kids’ happy but has grown into that developer’s personal hobby. This server was recently rebuilt and opened to the public for anyone to use, premium or not. So, if you’re looking for a new startup server and want to become part of a growing community based group, look no further! We’re exactly what you’ve been looking for.

We have 3 main worlds (not including the Nether and the End) for you to enjoy, each with a specific theme/purpose.

Our main world, named Pl3x, is aimed to be a peaceful world where you can join the city life and keep all your valuables guarded with protected regions. We have an economy in place so you can buy materials from our main mall, or from other players. LWC is the plugin we use to keep security when it comes to locking chests/signs/furnaces/etc, so don’t worry about being robbed. It’s not possible. You can gain money from doing /jobs or by opening up your own shop(s) to sell off any items that you gain. After you move up in the world by making a name for yourself and gianing enough money, it is possible to start your own city!

In order to keep our main world as beautiful as possible, we strongly encourage all our users to mine their materials from Hamal, our “wild” world. This world has no rules or regulations. You are free to do whatever you what (even grief other people’s creations!). You can build/live here if you want, but remember there are no protected regions (other than the spawn point) and the PvE difficulty level is turned up to high. This world was designed for mining materials to bring back to the main world. ;)

We also realize some users like to be more creative, with less effort in gaining materials. So we’ve created a Creative world, named Alnitak. You can claim any 100x100 (up to 5 of them) to protect your creation(s), and then just build to your hearts content. There are no mobs here, and PvP is disabled. This world could also be used to simply test out a design thats dancing around in your head before you commit to it in the main world. This can benefit you from wasting a lot of time gathering things you dont need, and it will give you an idea of what things you do need to get.

I also mentioned we recently added a Survival Games world, named Kundry. To get to this world you must join the SG lobby with /sg join. We have designed this world to be as close to survival mode as possible, while still keeping the Survival Game rules and regulations. You can break/place just about anything, which can really benefit those players that cant seem to find any of the hidden chests. You can build a fort with traps. You can mine your own ores to craft your own gear. The possibilities are almost limitless here! You can even just brawl it out right at the spawn point til the last man stands, which will ultimately happen anyways 5 minutes before the end of the match (it will teleport everyone back to spawn to force a deathmatch).

More minigames and features are in the planning phases, and ideas are definitely welcome here since we are just starting off to the public. Feel free to drop by, check us out, and possibly help us get things to where they should be for the community to enjoy. ^_^

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