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BluLegend, a small server done right. Our community based server focuses on survival - bringing Jobs, Spells, and a bunch of surprises your way. Create a town or join someone elses and become a part of the Legendary. Relax in our 50 block deep creative flatland or explore our vast and heavily customized plugins.

Server Features:

A highly developed Survival gamemode.

With survival as our main focus we bring you the lastest and greatest features.

  • Advanced spawn system means every player starts somewhere different
  • Earn money by mining, digging, and fighting, and more
  • Spawn Town shops have almost every item for sale
  • Health Bars over injured mobs and players and damage indicators when fighting
  • McMMO adds Power levels earned for everything you do and power ups
  • Create a town and join a nation, go to war, or remain at peace.
  • Complete jobs like forester and baker for rewards!

A grief-free Creative experience.

Advanced rollback and two different world mean your build is safe, gauranteed.

  • The Prism plugin allows rollbacks of everything, from block breaking to item dropping.
  • Craftbook adds functional draw bridges, elevators, and more
  • All of the latest blocks when running the latest version of MC
  • Flatland world with 50 blocks of depth to allow for basements and more
  • Protect your own stuff using a Wooden Hoe, like World Guard!

Be part of something Unique.

We pride in being a server like no other, adding great features, and a polished feel.

  • Grab a backpack by crafting it in a workbench
  • Our TeamSpeak server allows you to voice chat with the other players
  • Chat system provides easy to understand messages and color codes
  • Claim any mob as a pet from creepers to pigs.
  • Constantly updating website and social media pages

BluLegend was created with the goal of having a community server where players can enjoy survival and creative with friends. Over two years of experience and effort was put into making it the most polished server of its kind.

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