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Crafting Ages || Life In Medieval Times


A high-quality roleplay server that allows the exploitation of economics, warfare, and politics for nations to vie for power.

Towny / iConomy / Heroes

Pick a class, choose a race, join a town and push on the cause for your nation by fighting on the frontline, fund the war through your expertise in being a merchant, or rise through the ranks and command a legion!TisTqmR.png
A towny based server that focuses on politics, economy, and power.

Server Map:


The Battle for Ira, the oldest recorded history - a battle between the Heroes of past such as Notch, Jeb, Herobrine, and others against the prolific Old Gods, beings from another dimension - their battle tore the world asunder, after banishing the Old Gods the realm had suffered too severe of damage, as one final act, the Heroes poured all of the energy of the inhabitants of Ira into one final spell, a spell that restored the lands of Ira back to their former glory, resetting the calendar to 0 R.B - standing for Rebirth, a new beginning of the world.

Only a few had survived through the aftermath, a few humans here and there, a handful of orcs, dwarves, elves and species from all around, some near extinct.

One of those survivors were your ancestors, through them you've been born - through you will be the new story of Ira.

Join the Crafting Ages and create your own story.


The server focuses on a several key things;

A constantly updating lore crafted through the interactions between each town, write your own history, will your town be a nameless village that gets slaughtered? Or one that rises in status and power throughout the realm?!
Build astonishing towns with your friends and interact with the other towns and nations, watch as the world grows!
Engage in trade! Specialize your town in woodcutting, mining, food production, whatever you wish, find your niche! And then capitalize and trade with other towns, use that money to further expand your town!
Most importantly, take part in the politics of Ira, the world in which you'll be living in! Gain the favor of other towns and plan a coup, usurp the nation and take over, or simply become the powerhouse town of the server and become everyone's most feared enemies. (Remember, friends are extremely useful, don't burn your bridges!)
The server has roleplaying aspects and we're transitioning into IC chat, we're looking into creating chat channels for IC and OOC

PVP is always enabled, but are you sure you want to attack a possible friend or make yourself the enemy of the state? Think carefully before striking another player! Also, there will be nation wars in the future!

This server does not tolerate any tom foolery, if we smell any shenanigans, you will be banned immediately!

Here are some of the rules;

This is not a server for everyone, some will love it, some will hate it, please be considerate before you post anything negative.

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