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Multiplayer Survival Network - [CustomPlugins]


Multiplayer Survival is an up and coming network that has been in the making for some time now, beginning with some small time factions servers we have gathered some valuable people along the way and have what we think of as the perfect combination of staff members to make our best server to date.
When we first began the development of Multiplayer Survival Network we were not sure if we were ready to take on such a huge project with the experience that we had, however as time has passed and the network has flourished we have seen that our team was more than capable of pulling together to create a network that we plan to run for as long as is financially possible.

Our Goal
When creating MPS was to make a network that was unlike the rest, completely custom made and unique to us as well as being a network that players could visit and not be completely outranked from the start by those who had ‘paid to play’ we have tried our hardest to make a network that you, our valued and most appreciated players, can come and visit for all of your Minecraft needs.

Anybody is welcome to join the network and will hopefully be greeted with a warm welcome and will enjoy their time spent here.

Survival Games!
Put yourself against the odds in this all out free for all, scavenge for weapons, armour and food and battle for survival.

Survival Wars!
Red, Blue, Yellow or Green? 16 players, 4 teams, work together in this RTS themed server, working hard to earn money and craft buildings that will give you an edge over your rivals.

The Survival!
Explore the vast world and see what it has to offer, completing quests and finding mystery chests to earn yourself rewards to help you on your adventure.

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top, in this server you are a prison inmate who’s only chance at freedom lies behind hard work and determination.

Mini games!
Pick a game and have fun! This server is all about having a good time, from spleef to skyblock. Choose from our range exciting mini games and enjoy yourself.

Team with friends to become the most feared faction around, desecrate rival bases and claim them as your own, raid, loot and pillage, this world is what you make of it but act fast, enemy factions could be just around the corner from doing the same to you!

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