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The Forbidden Lands of Arandite Prison


Come one, come all! Let me tell you an amazing tale of Arandite!

There once was a land, forbidden by its creators because the realm itself was stronger than they. The realm contained copious amounts of gods and other mythical beings. These beings covered the lands with their sheer numbers. Their skill of magic exceeding their makers. But what made these beings special is that they had a prison. This was like no other prison in any universe. This prison contained many ancient and graceful beings, such as: Elves, Imps, and even Immortals. These creatures that were imprisoned here had only one way out, and that was by working their way out. They had to mine until the sun set the next day. But once they were free of that cursed prison, they were free to do anything.
Now the prison in this realm was extremely hard to find, many have only found it by stumbling upon it. Maybe someday, little one, you too will find this fabled land…

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