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DB Network


Welcome to DB-Network

Come enjoy the way real minecraft servers are supposed to be played.

Our server is a No Grief, No PvP Survival Server set on Easy Mode.

We are composed of a tightly knit family that has been there since Diaboliccraft's start on October 22, 2013.

Among many of our features, we provide a lag free server that is up 24/7

We use a wide variety of custom plugins and as well as a player tracking and promotional system. All players start out as default(Player).

We incorporate a lottery and auction plugin for a chance at getting items from other players or by pure chance. We also allow players to start their own shop at the server mall where you can sell any item that you wish!(With exceptions due to donator packages and other unobtainable items)

Please be aware that most of the below is informational

With a friendly and active staff team, we provide a very pleasant environment that will make you feel at home. All of our staff team is 16 years of age, or older and are on around the clock to ensure that your time here is a good one.

Our Staff consist of a variety of experienced players who know the workings of Minecraft inside and out. We try to get staff of different time zones, usually separated by one or two per zone, including United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to unsure that there is help on at all times of the day.

Below is the list of current staff that you'll expect to see on at all times of the day(in order of rank):
KflowWGT - Owner
DragsZombies - Co-Owner
CraigyB98 - Head-Admin
bisketsngravy - Admin
welder04 - Admin

The list above is our current and most active staff(some of which aren't mentioned due to inactivity for personal, school related reasons, or for some other reason. Those of which will be presented below:

EmilyEternity - Co-Owner
Witch_ofmind - Admin
swacatastrofe - Mod
- Mod

We are in need of new dedicated staff members, which will need to fill out an application, and get in contact with one of the following:

DragsZombies - Co-Owner
CraigyB98 - Head-Admin

Our staff can be reached at our website:

We provide a variety of protections, including Towny, and Protection Stones which are both separate forms of anti-grief which can be chosen at the players decision.

Each of our plugins is carefully monitored and configured to ensure a fun and exciting environment for our players and community to enjoy.

We include a bunch of fun plugins such as MCmmo, libsdiguises(mob disguise), and many more!

~ This Thread Is Subject To Change at Any Time With or Without Reason ~

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