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Server Information:

Server IP:
Admin skype: mcdrugcartel
Server website:

Drug Cartel is one of the very few original minecraft drug servers that remain active. The aim of the server is to become to highest possible rank which is overlord. When you join the server you will be a civilian, you can then rankup to druggie. You can get a drug kit and starter kit you can go out into the wilderness and build your drug farm. Once you have farmed up stacks of drugs you can go to the drug shop at /spawn and sell them, but be careful there are police online who will try to jail you for having drugs and take your drugs away! Once you have sold all the drugs you have you can /rankup again to the next rank. The more you rankup the better perks you get, some such as the ability to create a faction, or more sethomes. We also have minigames such as Tnt Run and PVP tournaments that are hosted frequently. We have some amazing donator perks such as being able to fly or being able to use /hat.

Police department
On Drug Cartel you can become a police officer. To apply for police rankup to the drug rank smuggler and then apply at
As police you get a daily pay cheque ( list below ) and the higher your police rank the more you get paid every day. You can rankup as poloce by being active and jailing lots of druggies and when the time is right the warden will allow you to rankup.
Pay cheques are as follows:
Rookie - 50k
Sergeant - 100k with Faction Member
Lieutenant - 1500k
Captain - 200k with Faction Mod

Drug ranks:
Druggie - sethome home
Addict - $5000 -- Reward: /tpa /tpashere
Grower - $30,000 -- Reward: /getpos /recipe
Dealer - $100,000 -- Reward: /auction commands
Smuggler - $250,000 -- Reward: 2 sethomes
Drug Lord - $500,000 -- Reward: 3 sethomes
Drug Baron - $1,000,000 -- Reward: /warp drugshop
Kingpin - $5,000,000 -- Reward: faction commands
GodFather - $10,000,000 -- Reward: Enchantment shop
Overlord - $20,000,000 -- Reward: /workbench

Drug Prices:

Wheat is Marijuana & Acid and sell for $1500 a stack
Red mushroom is Shrooms and sells for $1000 a stack
Brown mushroom is Shrooms and sells for $2000 a stack
Nether stalk is Bath Salts and sells for $1500 a stack
Cactus green is The Chew and sells for $750 a stack
Poison Potato is Experimental and sells for $1000 for one
Potatoes are Experimental and sells for $250 a stack
Cocoa beans are Slow-Me and sells for $2000 a stack
Sugar is Cocaine and sells for $950 a stack
Pumpkinseeds are Steroids and sell for $325 a stack


Q: What do I receive when I vote?
A: You receive $5000 in game money and 5 levels of Exp. Also lucky vote and cumulative voting are enabled which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: What do I get when I join?
A: You can do /kit starter, /kit drugs and /kit rules which give you basic armour and building items, food, drug starter items and a rule book.

Q: Where do I find the rules?
A: When you are logged in to Drug Cartel do /kit rules or in the spawn building

Q: I want more information on Drug Cartel where do I find this?
A: If you do /kit rules it also shows you more information or go to

Q: Where is the drug shop located?
A: Run out of the spawn building and in front of the shop to the left there is a hole into the drug shop

Q: Where do I donate at?
A: Do /buy or /donate in game or the link is

Q: How do I make money?
A: By growing drugs and selling them at spawn

Q: How do I get unbanned / unmuted?
A: Appeal on the website or message the " mcdrugcartel" skype

Q: Are there free donations?
A: Yes, make a 10 minute video of the server and include spawn for VIP Gold.

Q: What is the border?
A: 15,000

Rule 1: Be Respectful
Respect must relative to the player you talk to. If the player ask's you to stop being dissrespectful, you must stop.

Rule 2: Hacks
Do not discuss or use hack. No using macros
FullBright and minimap are allowed (NOT RADAR)

Rule 3: Scamming
Scamming within game is allowed, but not if it includes donations or command tricks.

Rule 4: Real World Trading
We do not allow in game items to be traded for real world trading outside of our donations that we offer.

Rule 5: No Advertising
No exceptions, just don't do it, this includes IP,s MC Sites, TS Servers or even the naming of servers in chat including private

Rule 6: Item Naming
No naming offensive names or /kill or /ban any of that sort.

Rule 7: Command Scamming
No using Auction to jump the price up at last second or using /tpa or /tpahere to trick people

Rule 8: English
Use English in public chat
Rule 9: No staff impersonation
Rule 10: Threats
Do not make real life threats
Rule 11: DDOS
Do not talk about or say the word DDOS in chat or private message.

Lucky votes:
Chance 1/10 – Extra $5000
Chance 1/50 – 20 iron blocks
Chance 1/100 – 5 god apples
Cumulative Votes:
50 votes: 5 god apples
100 votes: 16 iron blocks
250 votes: 32 iron blocks
500 votes: $250,000
1000 votes: Drug Cartel Voting God Sword

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