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XenoFlux Survival

24/7 XenoFlux Survival | Player Ranks | Towny | Ec


Hello Everyone,

My name is Fred/Frederick and i form one half of the XENOFLUX Gaming Community Management Team. XenoFlux is a multi-platformed gaming community which was created in July of 2014, when we opened our first Minecraft server.
Since we have had different minecraft developments and would like to introduce our newly developed server and experience.

Survival 1.0, is a newly developed survival experience which allows players to build, roam or do as-ever they please as long as they follow our very simple ruleset. We are not a community solely based on generating money, instead we want to make a community with you guys in mind.
If you wish to make a suggestion that impacts the server then tell us and we'll consider inputting it, we always welcome new ideas and players into the community.

Some of the features of our server include our expansive spawn area, complete with village hall building, a series of shops and houses that will expand even more over time. We also have the Towny resource so that people can make different towns outside of the spawn village. Our building team will eventually lead a road from spawn to each of your towns if you so wish.
We also have a arena a little walk outside of the spawn village which we will be using for arena fights between mobs and players in our weekly/daily events. Everything within the server is subject to change as our building team is always looking for inivative new ideas to progress the server and its development.

We also have a fully developed website which is linked below where we post all updates about the community, including server patch notes, building notes and all other community based news. We also run a weekly event which allows people access to ranks that are not available through our economy system.
If you wish to know the Plugins that we currently have on the server, these are available on our website also, along with the server rules and our ever building Staff Roster.

Which brings up to our staff members, as of current we have a selection of Moderators and Helpers whom help out within our server, however most of our work is carried out by myself along with Will whom completes the other half of our Management Team. The community is always looking for new talent,
however we do not give out staff ranks and you cannot complete a application to be a staff member, instead if you play in the community and help others out you may become part of the team in time.

As XenoFlux is a open and honest community, we have included out Ruleset below.

  • Please respect ALL XenoFlux staff aswell as other players.
  • Please act with the up-most maturity when playing on XenoFlux
  • Please do not used third party software (this includes hacked clients) when playing on XenoFlux
  • Dont ask admins for items or special treatment/ranks
  • Please do not build 1 x 1 towers.
  • Please ensure to report all bugs that you find in the server.
  • If you find any bugs on the server, please do not exploit them as this carries sever punishment.
  • Please do not show other bug exploitation as you both will be banned from the server and the community.
  • Do not advertise other servers whilst playing on XenoFlux.
  • Do not use any X-Ray mods or Texturepacks that may aid in the gathering of resources illegitimately when on the XenoFlux server.
  • No PVP, unless both parties have agreed with an admin and are fighting in the arena.
  • No griefing/raiding under any circumstances.
  • Please remain professional and respect all others work at all times.

If you have any questions regarding the community and our about us in general, please feel free to ask them below.

Kind Regards,
Frederick - XenoFlux Management.

Join us at -
Website -
Email -

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