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Minereapers Genesis


Minereapers Genesis

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What is Minereapers?

Minereapers Genesis is a server that focuses on the players. Genesis is a custom modpack with over 220 mods that were hand picked by our players and is updated by our admins on a weekly basis. The pack is always a work in progress as the players make suggestions both mod and config wise and the pack is adjusted accordingly. The server has a very active admin and one that cares about the players and plays with the players.

What does Minereapers have to offer?

The server offers a community driven server where the players are what matters. If there are mods you don't like and the server community agrees we can remove them. Minereapers also has a website for suggestions and bug reports and our admim is very active and will look into all bug and suggestion.

How do I join the Minereapers Community?

Simply visit the Minereapers website at and click the GetWhitelisted! link in the main menu and join our great community. We have numerous server you can use from a tech-only based server to a more hardcore server to a large pack of 220 mods.

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