This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Perfect World [Open 24/7]


IP address:
We have build a new spawn and finnished building the mob arena, PVP arena and Spleef, we have also fixed alot of the broken plugins and permissions.

After 5 mouths without The Perfect World being open we are finally back!

My name is Jesse and i am the owner of The Perfect World, i made it because i love playing multiplayer on Minecraft and running a server is just amazing kewl, the server is still new, there is only 24 players maximum so be sure to donate!

Down here you will find a list of plugins and rules, make sure to read them!


  1. Don't steal.
  2. No asking for ranks.
  3. Don't shout.
  4. Don't grief.
  5. Always listen to the staff.
  6. Do NOT advertise (servers, website, etc..)
  7. Be respectful.
  8. Be ethical.
  9. Use common sense.
  10. Have FUN!



And some more..

We do have nether enabled and the world is massive, so you will have enough space to build on!

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends together and join:

The Perfect World
OPEN 24/7

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