This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Miner's Journey


Imagine, just imagine, swirling through time and space. You wonder where you will spawn into. A survival server? A creative? As you spawn you see a message, PUT ON YOUR HELMET. You immediately put it on as the text says. You felt as if you had almost lost all the oxygen you were breathing before... As you look outside, you see the sky is pitch black. You realize, your in space.

Miner's Journey offers a new challenge, a new experience!

Miner's Journey includes:

  • Explore and survive space! Keep your helmet on and survive the dangers outside.

  • Play Adventure Maps and have fun!

  • A virtual chest to store your items in and a virtual workbench to have
    easy access to and not having to build your own through wooden planks.

  • Create your own faction. Strengthen it by inviting players and defend each other through your journey.

  • Use money buy supplies and make sure you survive throughout the day.

  • And more to come... Come join now and see what waits for you on this very server...

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