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VentureIV | Survival, Creative, Survival Games and


Minecraft VentureIV Server Post Description.

Welcome to the VentureIV Official Server.
The server offers a number of different features for all to play.
We have really focused on what the Minecraft community wants to see on the servers and we have chosen some things that we all like to see.
When looking around for some servers myself I wanted a plain survival server which didn't include factions, I know that some people feel the same way, therefore this server does not have factions, it's just a plain survival world
In addition to that, we also have a creative world, and games arena.

Here is a list of the worlds the server currently offers.

  • Survival World
  • Creative World
  • The Nether
  • The End
  • Mini Games world (Custom builds)
  • Survival Games

The server is currently in 'Beta' mode. This means not everything is added yet/not everything is working yet. The reason why we have put the server up and are advertising it is because each and every player is helping the server progress and get out of the 'beta' stage. You are testing out the server for us.
Because each and every player is special to us we listen to every suggestion that a player has and we dicsuss it as a team.
We listen to the community because that's what's made this server happen.
From the suggestions we've had multiple ideas for some new mini games and we are currently working on adding these onto the server.

  • Spleef (78% complete)
  • Paint ball
  • Golf/bowling
  • Parkour
  • PVP/MOB arena (90% complete)
  • More survival games maps (99% complete)

We have chosen the best possible staff altough they are not always perfect and we rely on the community to report any misbehaving staff to the Creator Domdedom or S.Developer torak289 and we will deal with it ASAP!.
Here is a list of our current staff members.

Head Staff (OP)

  • Domdedom (Creator)
  • PrittyChick (Co-Owner)
  • ZeDeadBob (Server.Developer)
  • chazat123 (Server.Developer)
  • torak289 (Server.Developer)


  • CheeseInHD (Head-Admin)
  • iProxMoDzZ (Admin)
  • snox1 (Admin)
  • michaeldazombie (Admin)
  • blacs007 (Admin)


  • historio13 (Moderator)
  • McMedic (Moderator)
  • Parbreaker (Moderator)
  • theawesomekyle (Moderator)

Yes, we do have a lot of staff but that's what makes the server safe. I will always be removing staff and adding staff from time to time. You currently cannot apply for staff but we will pick out players who we think are trustworhty and who have shown/done a lot to the server

The server recently had a major crash which corrupted a lot of the world files and since then, we've re-built the server to a stable state where we can have new players on which we are pleased about :).
I can't add a lot of information as of yet because the server is not complete however it's playable and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

If you have any questions regarding the server or just a general question, please email me at

The server is a 24/7 server hosted by

I look forward to seeing you on the server, have fun and stay safe.

  • Domdedom (Owner of VentureIV) (Creator/Owner of the server).

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