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Towny, Survival, McMMO, No Griefing, Self-RankUps,


Find a Place to Build
To leave spawn, type: /tpr which will teleport you to a random location where you can start to build.
Please note that this command is buggy, we recommend you use it as little as possible until the world has fully generated.

Virtual Market
/market - Brings up a list of commands that may be used.
/market listings - brings up a window where you can shop for items that others are selling.
/market mail - Opens your mailbox, this is where items you have purchased go.
/market create [price] [amount] - Allows you to create a listing in the market.

Protecting With LWC
/lwc - Brings up a list of commands to modify your chests, dispensers, doors, furnaces and more.
When you place one of these objects they will automatically be public. To set them to private, type /cprivate and punch the object you want to protect.
You can then let other players access your objects by typing /cmodify [player] and punching the object.

Allows players to own and manage land. Players can also join towns and purchase plots of land.
Town owners can decide who can build, destroy, use "switchs” and use items on every plot they control.
Towns can join together into nations which have increased benefits.
Towns can grant protection from monsters, pvp, fire, explosions and greifing.
Towny is a very big plugin, please visit this website for a complete list of commands:

Soul Gems
Allows you to store your experience points in a 'soul gem'. If you hold a ender pearl in your hand and left click, your xp will be stored in the ender pearl. When an ender pearl is being used to hold xp it will look like an eye of ender. When an eye of ender is held, you can left click and the xp will be transported back to you.

Once you have claimed a horse you can then name it. To name your horse, type: /myhorse name [horsename].
To see a list of your horses type: /myhorse list.
You can also teleport to your horse by using the command /myhorse goto [id of horse]
To set one of your horses free, type the command /myhorse goaway
To select one of the horses from your list, simply mount it.

All requirements will most likely change.

Set 1 home
3 Locks

Perks: Requirements:
Set 2 homes 5,000 gold
5 Locks 2 hours

Perks: Requirements:
Set 3 homes 10,000 gold
10 Locks 1 day
Start towns

Perks: Requirements:
Set 5 homes 35,000 gold
20 Locks 3 days

Perks: Requirements:
Set 6 homes 125000 gold
30 Locks 6 days
Start nations

Perks: Requirements:
Set 8 homes 500,000 gold
45 Locks 12 days

Perks: Requirements:
Set 10 homes 1,000,000 gold
70 Locks 25 days

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