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VigilantCraft is a dedicated Bukkit server hosted with GameServers NZ. My goal is to provide a competitive survival server that will adapt to the wants and needs of it's players.

Tired of getting kicked from servers just because you:

? Blew up the admin's castle?
? Burnt down a pesky player's tree house?
? Mugged that guy who kept insulting your mother?
? Went looting, pillaging or plundering?
? Displayed your superior skills by pwning dem no0bs?

All these restrictions are a pain, right?


Simply put the server details into your client and play!
No need to wait for whitelist approvals.

That being said, there are still two rules.
Yes, only two. I think they are pretty fair.


Hacking will not be tolerated.
This is a server for professionals
Only newbs hack.
Modded clients count as hacking.

Swear like a sailor,
Invent colorful names,
I couldn't care less.
Just don't use your verbal inventions on any other players.
Insulting someone's religion, race etc isn't cool either.

If you a are caught doing either of those things, you will receive a warning
Three warnings, and it's a permanent ban. Don't think I won't keep track
of the warning's either. Cause I will.

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