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Ravaged Dimensions PvP | Factions | McMMO | Raidin



Why you should join Ravaged PvP instead of the hundreds of other faction servers? We will tell you why. Our servers are ran by the nicest of the nicest staff. Staff is carefully chosen to make sure its the right pick. Our staff make theenvironmentnice for all the players, and make them feel at home.
Ravaged PvP has a custom built map made entirely by hand. We take our time to make sure every detail is right for the players experience. We arent the type of server to say we are making a server then open up in 2 days. We started 3 months ago. Why did we do this? To make sure everything is perfect.
Our server is flooded with amazing plugins to make the experience EVEN better! Wanna make a faction? Make one! Wanna train your skills for awesome advantages? Do it! Want to sell items to players all the way across the map? Auction it! We have a total of around 60 plugins installed to make sure you never get bored here. Get tired of the default things you can do? Donate for one of our ranks on our website for amazing perks!

Rule #1-Do not adverise other servers. This will result in a perm ban.

Rule #2-Do not harass other players.

Rule #3-Do not use any illegal hacked client but there are mods that are allowed. This will result in a perm ban
ex: Nodus, X-ray, etc.
ex: Optifine, Reis Mini Map, etc.

Rule #4-Do not log out while in combat [dying]

Rule #5-Do not spawn kill other players. Unless they open a chest, move around [not
counting the head], or if they are there at their spawn point for more than 10 seconds.

Rule #6-Do not exploit or glitch any kind. If you find a exploit/glitch please report it to any staff member.
ex: Duping, Ender pearl glitching, etc.

Rule #7-Do not spam chat. Once is enough, Two times will be given a warning, a Third time will result in a mute.

Rule #8-Do not make afk pools or minecart tracks. They will be destroyed.

Rule #9-Do not scam other players.

Rule #10-Do not impersonate other members/staff.
ex: Hi I'm staff tp me to you I can help you! This is a type of scam.

Rule #11-Do not plugin abuse. This is a serious offense and is basically a exploit/glitch
ex: Lock furnaces, chest, etc. around your entire base.


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