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Welcome to Skyblocks! We are happy to introduce a new server dedicated to all of the Skyblock fans in the Minecraft world. With so many fun things to do, you'll find yourself addicted to the Skyblocks, Hardcore Mobarena, Lottery, Friendly Chat, and as a Donor, access to many more awesome kits and features to the server!


We handle our Skyblocks experience very seriously. We wanted to create a new, funner experience of Skyblocks for all the new and veteran players out there. Here are just some of the cool features we include!

Ability to choose different islands to start with
Growing Economy to support all of your building and survival needs
Animal farm so you never grow hungry on the job...
Tutorial Area that allows you to get a feel to Skyblocks and if it is the right server style for you
Different starting materials for Donors or prize winners
Invite your friends to your island for extra fun!
Friendly Mods to aid you in your needs


Had enough skyblocks for one day? No worries, head over to your favorite MobArena to win prizes and supplies for your island! Our MobArena is the best out of any server's. Along with Magical Spells, We have multiple MobArenas to choose from, and more on the way soon! Here are just some of the features you will find with our MobArenas.
Magical Spells such as LightningBolt to zap enemy mobs dead!
Rewards for killing Waves of Mobs in the Arena
Server Tournaments
Boss Levels to challenge the very best fighters
Different Arenas for different players.
Watch other players fight by spectating them from above or below!
Many Kits to choose from such as OddJob, Chemist, Tank, Knight, Archer, and many more available for Donors and tournament winners!
Much, much more!


We've noticed our players Love winning the lottery, who wouldn't?! We added the lottery system to allow player to gain money and to risk a gamble to stir up that adrenaline feeling. It's just something fun to do while building the most beautiful island or slaying mobs left and right.

/lottery buy - This command is used to purchase X amount of tickets
Tickets are $50 a piece
Drawings are every 30 minutes
Vote at our website, , to gain money to start voting!

-Additional Information-

If you are one of the many players among many
people that love our server, then please Donate!
Donors receive special perks and features!
Addition info for exactly what you
receive, go to our website.
Donors receive unique name tags!

Donate $5 - [$] [Donor] {Your Name}-
Donate $10 - [$$] [Donor] {Your Name}-
Donate $25 - [$$$] [Donor] {Your Name}-
Donate $50 - [$$$$] [Donor] [Your Name]-
Donate $100 - [$$$$$] [Donor] {Your Name}-

If you want an amazing server with friendly staff, games, people, and much more, visit our server!For more info visit our website at Hope to see you there!

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