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XCraft 24/7



Server Features

• Factions: Use Factions to make and join groups to start your own adventure and establish your base.

• Shop: We have a Simple shop with just a simple command /warp shop you get teleported there.

• Mob Arena: Just type /ma join to experience the fun

• Simple Experience: We Provide a Simple Experience with all our Plugins and Even at Spawn.

• McMMO: Special Abilities that enhance your skills and gameplay!

• PvP: Enabled Everywhere Expect at Spawn

• Skyblock: Type /island To begin your Survival adventure!

• Community: We have Great Staff Only a couple of Owners and Some Moderators We are Friendly and Always Helpful.

We're Different
1 - Rules: This is the most important thing a lot of servers when you log in theres staff waiting to bann you on the most simplest thing not on this server. Our members greet you with a simple Welcome and to please read the rules with /rules and to do your starter kit wich is quite nice with /kit starter.

2 - Spawn: Normal Servers have a huge confusing spawn not us we have a 2 floor castle on the First floor you have your portal area and staff wall each portal takes you away form spawn to a different biome, Or if you dont mind donating we can set you up your own plot around spawn or as far away as you like and protect it with WorldGuard.

3 - Over Powered Players: When joining this server there wont be players waiting out of spawn to kill you because theres 3 Ways to get out of spawn 1. The Normal Way walking out of spawn and finding a new area. 2. Using the PreMade portals and teleporting to a different biome. and 3. Teleporting to a fellow player and teaming up.

4 - Plugins: We do have a couple of plugins but there there to help your experience on your server be a better one. We also have a couple Mini-games for you to play on like Spleef, MobArena and even Skyblock and if your in the mood to fight go to the PVP Arena built by our very own Predgirl5678.

5 - Dymap: We will be adding Dynmap very soon so if a person you dont like talks bad to you or thinks hes better why not look at the map and find him and his base and show him/her who's Boss.


We Are Not looking for staff right now But be a regular player and you might get ranked up

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