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BEERcraft - Minecraft for mature adults


We are NOT looking for staff. Don't ask!

Tired of dealing with immature noobs on Minecraft? Are you sick of eleven-year-olds begging in chat for free food, iron, and diamonds? Fed up with grieving attempts on your property or its surrounding area?

It’s time that you switched over to BEERcraft.

Join us over at BEERcraft [] — we’re some adults that got fed up with the immaturity, the senseless grieving, and the begging in chat for free things. Fed up with all that and desiring a more mature environment to play, collaborate, and create, we built up a server for adults to come and enjoy the fun of Minecraft together. Our rules are pretty simple:

The DO’s:

  • DO get out there and explore
  • DO learn to survive on your own
  • DO collaborate and play with others on cool projects
  • DO be a respectful, kind, and helpful person
  • DO claim your land and your works to prevent griefing
  • DO support the server and buy claim blocks

The DO-NOTs:

  • DO NOT beg for resources or to live in someone else’s home
  • DO NOT grief or vandalize other people’s works
  • DO NOT be a dick
  • DO NOT use excessive profanity
  • DO NOT get three strikes (moderator kicks) or you’ll be banned

For more information visit us at

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