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Craftalot Reloaded

Craftalot Reloaded


Craftalot reloaded is a mc 1.12.2 remake of the old modpack named craftalot modern warfare(The original went down more than 3 years ago) which used to be in the top 3 trending modpacks for months on the techniclauncher.
This modpack comes with a 24/7 server located in Montreal Canada which will be upgraded when nessesairy.
The main mods are techguns(Adds various powerfull weapons with amazing 3D skins, great effects and sounds),Open Modular Turrets, TConstruct, Cyberware, Applied Energistics 2 ,Thermal Expansion and Foundation, Extra Utilities, Lootbags, Mekanism, Opencomputers, Botania, ProjectE,Psi, ICBM Classic and much more!
The server allows raiding, most explosives, has factions, economy and much more!(The server IP is included in the modpack)

Extra info and usefull links:

The server is part of the Astrolands network.

This pack requires 5GB of ram

Astrolands network Discord:


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