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´╗┐Welcome to RevolutionMC!´╗┐ A revolutionary server made up of awesome staff, great building, and SpigotMC architecture!

RevolutionMC is designed to be fast and powerful, but we're still getting started! So, if you want to help out, then join now! We're looking for awesome moderators who have a good reputation.

Not ready to moderate? Just want to check it out? You can still join! RevolutionMC is free for all, and you will never tire of the fun that it packs.

You may have also noticed that there is a 10 player limit. That's because the software we use only allows us to take 10 players, that is, until we pay for it. Soon, if we get enough donations, we'll quickly become one of the best servers ever!

´╗┐RevolutionMC. Join now.

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