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INFECTED - Custom gamemode!
Zombie Chase
Intense PvP Arenas

The return of this custom game mode unique to this server based upon the popular mode featured in ‘Counterstrike’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Call of duty’. Intense PvP action with participants placed in an arena, human players must fight to survive until rescue arrives. After 10 seconds of play one player is chosen at random to become infected, this player joins the zombie side and must kill the other humans to win the game. If you die as a human you will become infected and join the zombie team. This server puts a twist on the standard game type with more a horror theme. All humans have limited view of only a few blocks mimicking playing in pitch blackness, although humans have the ability to loot weapons and items from randomly filled chests hidden around each map. Zombies do not have the view limitation and can see all players; they only have a basic punch attack and cannot open chests, but will poison the health bar of any humans they touch. This makes for intense and exciting multiplayer featuring leaderboards, full zombie disguises and the ability to buy perks before each round using points awarded from each game. Now also earn you way up the ranks by winning matchs of infected!

[New Dedicated Server Hosting! The return of INFECTED!]

Latest Update: v3.4 - 06/07/2012

  • Added New Map (Egyptian)
  • Number Of Player Slots (16)
  • New Rank System: Based On Score Rather Than Wins!
  • Fixed Fire Issue And Rescue Time Issue
  • Added /stats command

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