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Lost Prison 24/7|Prison|Parkour|iConomy|Great Staf


Locked Prison is a new server that was started about a week ago. This is our first time we are going to be accepting players in a while. We have experienced staff members and plugin people to help us 24/7. Our hoster has great connection so we are always up and lag free! We have put a lot of time and effort into this server to try and make it grow huge. We did everything original and have not copied anything. This is a server where everyone will come and have an awesome time.

Ranks And Donor

C-Start out as a young C prisoner who is sentenced to jail for 25 years
B-Go to a new cell block and see things you have never seen before
A-You are almost there! These are your last few years in this horrible prison. Good luck in the real world.
Free- Your out!!! Go have fun with your friends and build huge homes!

Donating helps us out and you too. We don't just make money off of you, we use that money to help improve the server and stay up to date with plugins and our hoster. We are always looking for improvements on the server and open to all suggestions. Here are our donor ranks for you.

VIP-10 dollars, this is our lowest package that gives you the opportunity to see what donating is all about

VIP+-This shows how dedicated you are to the server and that you will always stay with us. This helps you get staff.

GOD- This is our highest package for 50 dollars. We treat you like a owner when it comes to being a god. You get to try out new stuff before players do and you even get Guard! This is the best package out there.

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