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OP Prison

OP Prison



Welcome to our thread, FlashCraft is a growing community of Minecrafters with the server offering users a completely free no donations accepted and fun gameplay. If you don't like pay2win servers maybe this could be your server!

This is the MCMMO side of the server, we also have an OP side. To check our OP server and what it has to offer click the link below.

About us

We offer users a free to play server meaning we don't accept donations of any kind to help the server. The owners will pay for the server themselves. Offering this we expect you to be respectful.Well a server which is paid for by its owners completely and will always be covered so long as people be respectful all we ask.

IP: FlashCraftMC.NET:25765 (Cracked)

Server Warps

Some of the warps are made to help the players as well as be there for interest purposes in some cases.

Start off warps: ?/Warp Wild , ?/Warp Sand, ?/Warp PVP, and more or just run from spawn.
Helpful warps: ?/Warp Farm

Plugins & Tips

?Silkier Touch for ingame purchasable ranks
?Prison, OP, HC Factions
?Withers are enabled (harder to get skulls)
?World Borders!
?Obsidian Breaker
?Time Atm
?Extra Health Bar
?KitPVP Arena


Q - Why doesn't this server take donations?
A - The owners believe that the server is much relaxing if we don't accept donations, having bad experiences with donator servers only wanting your money we decided to offer a free for all to play server.

Q - Can I apply for staff?
A - You can apply but don't expect to get staff unless you played for a while and we can see that you're a respectable person we can trust. We're VERY choosey on new staff members.

Q - Are staff helpful?
A - The staff will help you the best they can, please be patient when asking a staff a question they may be afk or just may not respond as fast as you like.

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