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Diamond-Interactive's Official Server (Diamond-Cra

Starting the spawn!

Server Specs: (Dedicated) Ram: 64 Bandwidth: Unlimted Cores: 8 (Quad core) Server slots: 130

Donation Packs:

Priority Joining: Description: If you think you'll need to join the server when its full then this is the perfect thing for you, If the server does reach 130/130 then who ever joined lastest will be kicked from the server so you're able to join, You'll also beable to continue to join the server during maintenace times when we white-list only our staff. Price: 50$ (Free with Gold/Diamond/Obsidian)

Dirt; x1 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x2 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x5 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x5 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 1,000,000 Price: 5£ || 10$ || 25 Euro

Iron; x5 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x10 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x15 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x15 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 2,000,000 Price: 10£ || 20$ || 35 Euro

Gold; x5 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x5 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x5 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x25 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 3,000,000 Price: 15£ || 30$ || 55 Euro

Diamond; x15 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x10 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x5 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x10 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 4,000,000 Price: 35£ || 50$ || 65 Euro

Obsidian; x20 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x20 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x20 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x35 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 5,000,000 Price: 65£ || 80$ || 100 Euro

Limited Offer (Massive Pack); x30 Sets of any armour (Gold,Iron,Diamond,Chain) x30 Sets of any equipment (Iron,Diamond,Gold) x50 Any potions (Health,Speed,Nightvision) (Mix 'n' Match) x100 bottle 'o' enchant In-Game currency: 10,000,000 Price: 100£ || 160$ || 130 Euro

Need More? Do you wan't to double your current package, Then contact our staff team and we'll make sure the money switcheds hands and you get double for what you paid for (Warning: doubleing up will add an extra 30£(50$/75Euro) onto the package), Doubleing up will also get you Priority (Level 10) to the server so if its full you'll beable to join without trouble for FREE.

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