This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ClanHC is a fast paced, full of action raiding servers! Unlike many raiding or PvP servers, we use SimpleClans! For "hardcore" raiders, they're welcome! There is no base protection once so ever! If you find a base, you're welcome to raid it! That is, if you can find or make a way in. Using TnT cannons, you are able to destroy, enter a base.

  • CLANHC is a new server, we are open to suggestions!


Member - This is the default rank you will enter the server as, you will have the basic commands, including all clan commands.

Knight - Knight is the first donation rank, Including the Knight kit (Protection 2, Fire Protection 1 Iron armor) the kit also includes diamonds, and diamond tools (sharpness 1 diamond sword) as a cheap price of $5!

Berserker - Berserker is the second donation rank up for purchase at the moment, includes all command and kits of previous donation ranks! And it's own berserker kit and commands (Kit includes; Protection 2, Fire Protection 2, diamond armor) and of-course tools and donation commands! Just for the price of $10!

Noble - Nobles are royalty! as a noble you are a very powerful individual, you are given items to work in your favor, such as TnT, and strong armor for PvP. (Noble kit includes; Protection 3, Fire Protection 3, Unbreaking 2 Diamond armor) you are also given previous kits and commands from donation ranks.

DICTATOR - The rank speaks for itself, doesn't it? Dictators take nothing from no-body! Some of the strongest players that walk on the server. They control the warzone, that is if no-one chooses to "fight the power", and resist! Dictators are given a great items that work in their favor, and their allies! (kit includes; Protection 4, Fire Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Thorns 3 Diamond armor) They are given all donor kits and commands! They are given a un-raidable base with their donations.


un-Raidable bases - Too many goodies? purchase an un-raidable base! your base will be in a void world, protected with world-guard. We will add anyone of your choosing, but if they choose to betray, we will not be responsible for your loss, and will not replace your items. $5

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