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Raid MC


Hello! We are RaidMC!
Here are some epic features about us:

  • We are child friendly and make sure we have all sorts of swear blocking, we are dedicated and are a reliable 24/7 server (unless under maintenance.)
  • We are a medium sized faction server hoping to grow, even more, we have a peak player base of 20 players on at a time, and have some amazing kits for you to enjoy!
  • We have regular DROP PARTIES lasting around 10 - 30 minutes a time depending on the amount of people online, You can WIN ranks and money and vouchers during these regular events.
  • We have helpful and friendly staff, friendly players who will or most will give you a warm welcome to the server! We hope you enjoy your time playing with us and having fun!

No need to pay for your ranks! You can vote and win keys from voting and use them in our generous crates! You can win Donator and VIP from these crates for absolutely FREE! For those of you who can't buy ranks, this is the perfect server for you!

Why us?
We offer a reliable faction server which will be up 99% of the time, we have extremely good website and in-game support to always help you out! Situations are quickly responded to and solved quickly according to the matter. We offer great staff and cool plugins to provide you with amazing faction play! The economy is well balanced and is fair. We hope you check us out and just enjoy having fun on the server!

Server IP;

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