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PgP Network

PgP Network


Looking for more players for the beta test of our server we are expecting the FULL release date no later then
Our Server is different from your average Faction/Survival server
for many reasons.
There are just a few reasons why we believe you would like our server! If you are interested in the server but aren't so sure about it at this point you can feel free to check out our website at

Our server has some of the major plugins. I will list a few for you guys and girls!
1: Factions
(Create a Town and run the town or join a faction and raid other factions with your crew! )
2: Skyblock (COMING SOON)
3: PlotMe Creative (COMING SOON)
4: Economy (Halfway integrated)
(With having Economy it allows players to gain ingame money by completing challanges and killing the devious monsters. With the money a player earns they can buy materials or even trade with other players!)
There are many more plugins that we have to help with enhancing the game!

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