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UHC Survival Server! (with PVP, Raiding and Towny)


SERVER IS NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC :D is a UHC vanilla server with some extra plugins to make things better!
This server is a UHC survival server with raiding, pvp and towny.
We also have other plugins installed such as :
Beheaded plugin - allows you to get player heads from pvp and mob heads.
Silk Touch Spawner Pick plugin - able to buy a pick from the website shop to pick up and move spawners to your choosing.
Towny plugin - allows you to create towns

Other additions to the server is that we have a pvp arena that anyone can warp to, to fight out with enemy's or with friends. we also have a market that anyone can warp to and buy from other player shops (this is still a working progress) Players can buy plots for in game money and then sell items to other players.
We also have ranks on the server from guest's up to admin. To Become a Member the player needs to have register on the website

(More things will be added over time)

Raiding and PVP is Encouraged on this server. What does this mean I hear you ask? well it means that when town are made you have to make sure you have money in the town bank to keep the town up and running but if you don't it will fall into ruin when the taxes are due each real day. so other towns or new players can raid the town once its gone into ruin as well as raid any other unclaimed land such as the wilderness. with the pvp side its encouraged because it makes the server a lot more interesting having to always watch your back encase someone sneaks up behind you and attacks you.

I hope you come and play on this server and have a great time doing so :D
See you Soon!

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