This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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~DeluxeCraft~ Factions, Hardcore PvP, Raiding Mini



Once you hop onto our humble server you will be greeted by the community. You will spawn in front of an information board where you will read the servers rules and information. Our spawn is very simple and neat which will allow you to simply get to the wilderness and start building immediately! You can even warp to a wilderness if you like. Economy is a big part of our server. Once you spawn, your main goal is to earn enough money so you are able to create your own faction, place a description, claim land and all the functions that come with in the plugins. Factions will charge you money to claim land or do any other thing so it is essential to earn money once you start by joining a job. Speaking of jobs, you can join a maximum of two jobs. We currently have limited job types but we will add more in the future. You can join a job and simply start earning money easily so you can afford your daily living costs. Once you join the server, simply type warp help and it will explain to you everything our server has to offer.

Rules and information:

We absolutely do not allow:

  • Hacking
  • Spamming
  • X-Raying
  • Asking for items or creative mode.
  • Advertising other servers.
  • Please make sure you keep swearing to a minimum and respect other players and staff members.
  • Please read the information board once you spawn.


  • Player: Default rank.
  • Famed: Obtained by becoming famous.
  • Premium: Obtained by donating.
  • VIP: Obtained by donating.
  • Elite: Obtained by donating.
  • Legend: Obtained by donating.
  • Helper: Obtained by applying.
  • Admin: Obtained by applying.
  • Owner: Cannot be obtained


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