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Arkanth [Survival] - [PvP] - [Raiding] - [Economy]


Welcome to Arkanth, a brutal world where your worst fear is its other inhabitants. Arkanth is a server that aims to turn the vanilla survival game into a much more intense experience, forcing players to either hide from one another or put faith in each other to form bonds in a war for power. With a unique currency system, deep backstory and solid game mechanics, whether you're a casual Minecrafter, mob hunter or hardcore PvPer, Arkanth has something to offer.

In Arkanth, people have discovered that they can absorb the power of lives they've taken (see the story section), which has caused a hunger for more power amongst most of its denizens. As one of these denizens, you'll find that killing another player or mobs will give you all of their power (currency). If someone spends weeks getting an extremely large amount of power, you can take it all for yourself if you can kill them. This gives Arkanth an exciting aspect in PvE and PvP. Be careful though, if you die by some other means, your power will dissipate into the air and nobody will be able to claim it again.

Power acts as a currency within the game. People with more power will find themselves with more benefits. They can buy items and upgrades in the shop. These items and upgrades include...

  • The ability lock chests and protect land
  • Monster eggs and spawners
  • Passage to the Nether
  • Teleportation to a random area
  • Cosmetic trails

...and more to come.

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