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Its simply Survival


Have you spent countless hours just looking for a good survival style server that is friendly, has great staff, and offers protection

The Search is over

We here at Its Simply Survival have just a few plugins for players such as Precious stone to claim and protect your builds, PlayerHeads, for those PVP players that love to collect player heads, as well as All mob heads available, And ChestShop's so players can buy and sell to other players. We have 1 set home, for the casual player and tp/multi homes for the players that love to spend hours on our server (Donation Only). We have a complete Adult staff team that are well trained to respect players as they are ANY servers backbone in making a great server exist. as well the knowledge and skill to protect players and help them in any server related matter they may have. PLAYERS COME FIRST

New added features

ISS Games. a survival game like feature built in game so players who want to have a little fun with there friends or just take a break from building.


We offer a unique point system on our website that allows player to earn points to buy items you would usually donate for

PVP arena

Battle it out with other players and survive our custom pvp arena with other mobs if you like to get things interesting.

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