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The GHMC Server Network

Long Live Takistan.
GHMC Takistan Life uses a custom resource pack.
Takistan is a huge country, at ~600,000sq blocks
There are 30+ custom items, including guns.
Takistan has houses, mines, farms, and more.

Guns. Drugs. Robberies. Heists. Gangs attacks. Mining. Farming. Trade. Looting. Exploring. Fishing.
All in one Unique Country.

The GHMC Server Network is a brand new, professional Minecraft Server centered around bringing players large-scale games with endless possibilities. And finally, after over 7 months of work of making a custom map, custom resource pack and custom mode, we are launching the server with our first game: GHMC Takistan Life.

A Nation of Bloodshed.

Takistan Life is a large-scale minecraft gamemode, inspired by a once-very-popular Arma 2 gamemode of the same name. It is set in the imaginary Nation-state of Takistan, an Arab country, which would be found in the South Turkmenistan / North Afghanistan region (if it existed). Takistan is not an extremely wealthy nation, mostly due to the fact that it went through a serious civil war just 5-6 years earlier. With thriving gang and terrorist culture, a profitable drug trade, and a corrupt government, it is not the nicest place to be.

Your Role

Along with the help of your friends, you can rebuild the once great nation. Earn a more peaceful living, by working in the mines and selling your materials, fishing in Lake Rasman, harvesting potato and carrot farms, and trading goods around for profit. Or, earn a violent living, by committing heists on the Takistan National Exchange (the Bank), harvesting and selling drugs, killing and looting foes, and fighting bandits in the gang areas. Or, do both. You can also hunt for the treasure crates in the country, put together gangs and alliances, and much more. Spend the money you make on houses (which you can store gear in), firearms (pew pew), armor, as well as more gear. If you have a donator rank, then you can also spend money on sodas (potions) and certain extra weapons, and special houses in “The Donator Village of East Rasman” (DVER). Overall, there is an unlimited number of activities to do. You won't get bored.

The Country itself

One of the first things that you will notice when playing, is how vast the country of Takistan is. Overall, the country spans a flat area of around 600,000 blocks! Although it is sand-covered dry-lands, it spans a wide set of terrain, such as flatlands, mountains, cliffs, steep hills, and fertile regions. Be sure to tour and explore the country when in-game, as knowledge of the map is a very beneficial trait, and exploration is generally rewarded.

How to Connect

To join Takistan Life, just connect to the server ( ) and either walk through the water-portal underneath the big "Takistan" billboard, or right-click the compass in your inventory. Also, be sure to head over to the server store ( ) and get a rank for special benefits listed over there, and/or buy some Takistan Dollars to give you a financial advantage over other citizens of Takistan.

Have fun in the game guys!

P.S. – Beware… Counter Strike: Global Offensive is coming to GHMC soon…

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