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Our server is based on PvP. We are the biggest & best PvP server on the minecraft server lists! Our gamemode is unique, fun to play and is filled with fun and a lot fighting with your friends. We have so many unique features & maps to play on!

Our main PvP gamemode consists with getting gear and fighting your friends in a map that has been custom built and is a perfect map to battle on. We have features like these listed below:

Duels - fight with your friends in a private mini arena to see who is the best! You can choose to bid for items too to make the fight more intense on winning the battle, all custom & unique.
Enchants - we have a custom enchantment table which opens a GUI to enchant your own items for a small price of emeralds.
Emeralds - this is our main currency, even though we have a total of 3 currencies for different things, so there's always something to earn & fight for.
Tokens - these are our second currency on the server where you can buy items with tokens from our /shop to also enhance your PvP battles.
Coins - coins are our final currency which are used to purchase treasure chests which you can open in spawn to win new cosmetics, and even tokens, small amounts of coins back or items!
Crates - we have a crate system which you can purchase keys from the store or get by /vote. There are a total of 6 crates in spawn which can be opened.
Ranks - our ranks are unique and all have different and better features & perks depending on what rank you have. Our ranks consist of Donator, Premium, Extreme & Legend which are all purchasable in our store.
Think that's it? No... we have a lot more features which would be to much to write down here, so come join in the custom & unique PvP server now!!

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